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The pursuit of «beauty» and «health» is a common goal for both men and women, but it’s easy to forget that they go hand in hand. In our modern world, the emphasis on eliminating aesthetic imperfections often leads to a focus on cosmetic procedures. However, Tatyana Galyuta, an expert in anti-aging treatments and a dermatologist-beautician, advocates for an individualized approach to beauty that prioritizes health. She has compiled a beauty guide featuring the latest and most advanced hardware correction facial procedures that are gaining popularity worldwide.

Aesthetic imperfections can arise due to a variety of factors, including poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and disruptions in the hormonal system. These can cause deficiencies in vitamins, antioxidants, iron, omega-3, and other microelements in the blood, which can lead to health problems and ultimately aesthetic issues. When seeking help from a cosmetologist, patients are often looking to improve their appearance, but a doctor’s job is to address the patient’s health concerns first before tackling aesthetic problems.

While there are many beauty injections, hardware correction procedures, and super-care products available in modern cosmetology, they will be ineffective if the body is lacking building materials or if metabolic processes are disturbed. Doctors in South Korea, a country currently experiencing a «Beauty-Boom,» emphasize the importance of preventing deficiencies, not only in adults but also in unborn babies. They stress the need for a holistic approach to beauty that takes into account the individual’s health and wellness.

While there are many beauty injections, hardware correction procedures, and super-care products available in modern cosmetology, they will be ineffective if the body is lacking building materials or if metabolic processes are disturbed

Advanced aesthetic clinics have express testing equipment that can determine the aging rate of an organism by measuring metabolism, the age of the vascular system, the level of oxidative stress, the density of bone tissue, and other factors. A therapist can then prescribe anti-aging programs and individual laboratory check-ups based on these results. Genetic research and issuance of a genetic passport are also relevant studies today, allowing individuals to know their predisposition to diseases and the impact of genes on metabolism, as well as the uptake rate of vitamins and elements.

Based on the results of these examinations, an anti-aging doctor can develop an individual program to correct the patient’s health while also addressing their aesthetic concerns. In addition to aesthetic procedures, biologically active supplements and infusion rehabilitation therapy, such as «Youth Injections,» can be prescribed. Patients often seek to improve their overall facial appearance, eliminate double chins, and improve skin color.

There are some perfect and highly effective procedures that can help to correct the shape of your face. One option is radio frequency thermal lifting, like the Thermage CPT treatment. This procedure helps to restore collagen that’s lost due to aging, reduce fat deposits, and rejuvenate the tissues. However, patients should be warned that it can be quite painful. Nonetheless, the results can be profound.

If you have certain problematic areas on your face, such as wrinkles around the eyes or neck, you might consider fractional radio lifting. This treatment uses microneedles to deliver radiofrequency energy to the skin, which enhances its metabolism. To see visible results, you only need to undergo a four-session course every two weeks. Moreover, if you follow the right home care routine with active refinishers, your recovery period after fractional radiolifting can be even shorter.

To improve your chin area, jowls, and nasolabial folds, ultrasound lifting technology (Hi-Fu) is often used. This treatment uses focused ultrasound to reduce soft tissues, making it one of the most popular procedures in South Korea. During my internship in South Korea, I personally witnessed the efficacy of ultrasound in reducing facial tissues and toning the stretched «skeleton». The skin density became much higher, and a mild lifting effect became visible. The procedure is generally well tolerated.

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If you want to add volume to your cheekbones, or strengthen the tissues and skin in the middle and lower third of your face, a combination of hyaluronic acid injections with filament lifting might be suitable for you. Special threads are used in this treatment to trigger regeneration processes in the skin, synthesize collagen, elastin, and the skin’s own hyaluronic acid. In my practice, I use Aptos threads, which don’t leave bruises after the procedure and shorten the recovery period.

Many patients are also interested in procedures that can improve their complexion. Photo rejuvenation and photo thermolysis, like the Lumenis M22 treatment, are among the most popular. This treatment uses pulsed light to affect the pigment cells, destroying them and smoothing out the skin color. It also has a beneficial effect on microcirculation and accelerates collagen production. The procedure doesn’t require any rehabilitation, and can help to cope with any degree of acne. The complexion and skin relief can also be improved with laser procedures, such as CO2, neodymium, and non-ablative lasers.

If you want to combine several procedures for an overall face correction, you can do so with a single appointment with a cosmetician. One example of a powerful and effective combination is a photothermolifting procedure to remove vascular networks and small pigment spots, ultrasound lifting to tighten the skin, and a laser for skin grinding and leveling. In this case, a short but high-quality recovery period will be necessary.

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