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SUN care: the best cosmetics for this summer 

SUN care: the best cosmetics for this summer 

As summer approaches, it’s time to start thinking about sun protection. While we all love the warm weather and long days spent outdoors, the sun’s harmful rays can wreak havoc on our skin. That’s where sun care cosmetics come in. With so many options available, from sunscreens to after-sun lotions, it can be overwhelming to know which products to choose. But fear not, WS magazine has scoured the market to bring you the best sun care products for summer. So whether you’re lounging on the beach or going for a hike, you can protect your skin and look your best all season long.

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To prepare your skin for a sun-kissed season, it’s important to start with gentle exfoliation a few days before going to a beach. Don’t forget about body wraps or nourishing body care too! And once you’re there, with the warm sea, exotic fruits, and endless entertainment, it’s easy to forget about sun safety. But, it’s essential to pack your SPF creams first thing in your cosmetics bag. The PAYOT Sunny line of sunscreens is a great option, featuring a complex of Sublime Tan ingredients based on rosehip extract, coconut oil, and sea buckthorn to protect, soothe, and nourish the skin.

Start your sun care routine with Magic Mousse A Bronzer face and body mousse about 2 weeks before appearing on the active sun to prepare your skin for tanning. This airy white cream promotes melanin production, restores elasticity, smoothes skin texture, and has exfoliating properties.

When it comes to sun exposure, it’s best to spend time on the beach in the morning and afternoon and gradually increase your sunbathing time. Remember, you should not stay in direct sunlight for more than 2 hours a day, and it’s important to note that a person gets sunburned much faster in water than on land.

For reliable protection against UVA and UVB rays, the PAYOT and CLARINS sun care ranges have got you covered. The PAYOT Creme Divine SPF 50 sunscreen for face and body and Creme Savoureuse SPF 50 face cream are perfect for those first days of a hot holiday, especially for those with very fair skin. Both contain filters with a wide spectrum of action, along with vitamins E and C, sunflower extract, and Caesalpinia to reduce the effects of free radicals. Additionally, the CLARINS range features the waterproof Crème Solaire Corps Hydratante SPF 50+ body cream and Crème Solaire Toucher Sec Visage SPF 50+ face cream that prevents nose, forehead, and facial pigmentation.

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To accelerate your tan and protect your skin from the sun, try the Huile-en-Brume Solaire SPF 30 sunscreen oil and body spray.

To maintain perfect condition of your lips, it’s a great idea to use a balm with SPF protection. L’OCCITANE’s Karite SPF 30 Moisturizing Lip Balm is an excellent option that not only nourishes and softens dry skin, but also protects against harmful UV rays. Another best-seller from L’OCCITANE is the Karite Light Face Cream, which effectively nourishes, moisturizes, and regenerates skin while also providing SPF 15 protection against sunburn.

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If you’re relaxing on the beach, it’s important to take a shower to wash off sweat, sunscreen residues, sea salt, and pollution. During the cleansing stage, it’s recommended to use mild sulfate-free products and a tonic, while scrubs and peels should be avoided.

Missoni: Cool Bay Boutiques

After sunbathing, it’s highly recommended to use products with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties to moisturize your skin. Look for products labeled «after sun» such as masks, creams, moisturizing sprays, and refreshing milk to provide hydration and comfort to your skin.

And last but not least, don’t forget to hydrate your skin from the inside out by drinking plenty of clean water and consuming natural food antioxidants like apricots, oranges, red grapes, broccoli, and spinach.

by Vera Kamenkova 

Photo: Alexandra Mashukova
Retouch: Ekaterina Pikalova
Model: Nadiya Lupiy
Muah: Cool Bay Monaco — Hotel Monte-Carlo Bay
Clothes: Missoni, NatayaKim | Cool Bay Boutiques

Location: Monte Carlo Bay Hotel
Cosmetics: Payot, Clarins, L’occitane | CRAVT.BY

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