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FLY Lady

FLY Lady

FLY Lady isn’t simply a «lady tackling household problems,» but rather a «Finally Loving Yourself Lady.» In this article, you will discover a few harmless tips that will strengthen the wings of femininity, simplify daily life, and prevent household tasks from becoming a draining routine.


Ignore the dress code of a typical «desperate housewife» with purpose. When selecting attire for home, always keep in mind that unexpected guests may arrive at any moment, and a cup of aromatic coffee should always be accompanied by a presentable appearance.


A light, yet flawless make-up and a natural, well-styled hairdo can enhance your confidence without impeding the completion of household tasks, whilst preserving your inner sense of femininity.


Elegant lingerie is not an exception, but a necessity! No matter where you are going, feeling comfortable and glamorous from the inside out is essential. Even when stirring borscht in a large sweater and apron, wearing an elegant lingerie set can make you feel loved and desired.


When caring for the house, let go of the need for perfectionism. A true lady never allows herself to be confined by dogma, but rather achieves her goals with graceful, gradual progress, beginning with small areas of cleaning.


The «FLY-lady» system was created by American housewife Marla Cilley for maximum simplification of household cleaning. A wise housewife sorts items that are usually accumulated throughout the day in the same places before retiring to bed. This could be a chair, desk or dresser. Following this routine, you can keep your home orderly and comfortable.


Revitalize the energy flow in your home by removing 30 items from each room. This could be a dresser, vase, sweater, or ordinary clip. You need not necessarily discard the items; rather, you could donate or give them away. Repeat this process every month, and use the same algorithm for items that have not been utilized throughout the year.


It is scientifically proven that jogging in the morning can increase daily productivity by 30%. However, dedicating just 10 minutes to lively and compelling dancing, yoga, or your favorite exercise routine can energize your body and revitalize your mind.


A fitness adage states: “If you don’t know what to do, work out your butt. Even if the answer doesn’t come, having a strong butt will still be beneficial.”

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